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Quit Smoking yet?

Updated: Jan 18

I’m not sure what it is that makes smoking so attractive to people now in 2020. In years gone by many millions of pounds were spent on advertising campaigns and sporting sponsorships here in UK and abroad. I must admit I’ve never smoked, but as a motorsport fan I rather liked the Camel branded Formula 1 cars of the 90’s, by associating itself with F1 the Camel brand managed to get into the heads of young teenagers like me. It’s obvious to say but with the huge advertising machines at the command of the tobacco companies it’s easy to see why many people take up smoking in their late teens.

Cigarette brands have long used F1 to promote their brands
Motorsport and advertising

Back in 1976 the ONS studies found that the number of adults currently smoking cigarettes or some form of tobacco was about 45%. Fast forward to 2020 and now it’s estimated that just 16.6% of adults in the UK currently smoke. The transition from 1976 to 2018 has been helped with growing evidence in the 1980‘s and 90’s that smoking caused serious illness like lung cancer and heart disease as well as a cultural shift supported by government bans on things like age restrictions, advertising and health warnings. However the biggest single factor in the reduction of smokers in the UK has been the ban of smoking in public places. This action has significantly reduced the social aspect of smoking and made it more difficult for those wishing to have a cigarette whilst in a pub or restaurant.

There is plenty of research and evidence that shows the impact that smoking can have on a persons health. Stroke, lung disease, heart and circulation problems are just the headline health issues that can dramatically increased in those who have smoked cigarettes and It’s because of this many life and health insurers increase premiums for those people. But what if you have quit smoking? To be classed as a non-smoker all insurers insist you must not have used any tobacco or nicotine product within the last 12 months. If that is the case for you, your current insurer is unable to offer you non-smoker rates and reduce your premiums automatically. However all is not lost, it may be viable to move your cover to a new insurer, (Or reapply with the same insurer with non-smoker rates). We work with a panel of leading insurers and will make sure you get the right advice, the right cover and at non-smoker rates. All we need is a few details to give you an indicative quote and in most circumstances we can get you covered within 30 minutes! We estimate premiums to be between 30% -40% cheaper for non-smokers vs smokers so it’s definitely worth giving us a call or completing the quote request form.

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